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I spent the last two weekends building because I often spend hours searching for good domain names, and I felt existing services failed to solve my needs (searching through hundreds of domains with custom combinations and TLDs in seconds).

Since I was able to grab a really great domain that is suitable for all sorts of things (seo, hosting, vpn, coupons, etc.) then I would like to try to turn it into something bigger.

I have built a lot of one-two weekend projects similar to ahreflink (in terms of complexity/workload), but I'm also working on larger projects.


The ideal cofounder would be a talented graphics designer that have interest in all sorts of projects, but I would also love to team up with talented non-artists as well. Ahreflink could benefit greatly from (1) a SEO expert who can help build backlinks, and (2) talented writers who can write about tech subjects.


I'd also love to team up with fellow software developers (mostly for other projects through). I'm a full-stack developer that's primarily interested in backend. For these startup projects I only want to work with Go because that's what I enjoy to work with, but I'm capable of building kick-ass APIs, so if you're a mobile/frontend developer then we could possibly be a good match.


Projects that I'm currently working on or that interests me:

- Gaming (I casually play HotS/Overwatch, while I enjoy watching CS.. I was a huge D2 fan, so look forward to D4, hoping it won't turn out like D3 did)

- Social networking (I'd like to build a fast, open-source, no tracking, no bloat social network..

- Image sharing (I'm working on an imgur alternative since they've become evil)

- Tech (there are many tech-related tools I'd like to build, similar to the ahreflink domain name finder, which is also one of the reasons I'd like to further develop this project)

- Weekend projects (I've built a note sharing service, a URL shortener, etc. sometimes I see a project I think looks cool, or stumble upon a great domain name, or feel frustrated with the quality of existing solutions, and I decide to spend the weekend building it..)


I'm not financially motivated, but if a project can easily be monetized in a way that in my opinion doesn't hurt the user experience or break my principles (e.g. violate people's privacy, promote bad products) then I'll gladly monetize the project.


If you think it sounds interesting, then please send an email to [email protected] :)