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Our video game studio is working on an ambitious PC game called Spycursion, which centers around hacking and espionage. You can read a bit about it on the blog, but TBH it's pretty outdated. (I just hired someone to help with that problem, so our postings should become more frequent now.)

Elevator Pitch: It's now the year 2032. In the recent past, a major cyberwar decimated much of the global internet infrastructure. What remains of it has largely been seized by pre-existing power players. Many countries have shunned the global internet and attempted to close their electronic borders (with varying degrees of success), while governments in general have lost much of their power in favor of corporations, loosely-tied criminal and vigilante groups, and even skilled individuals. In a world where information is more valuable than gold (but maybe not Bitcoin), "Spy" may now be the world's top-paying job title.

Spycursion is an ambitious "subterfuge MMO" in a persistent near-future world, where players can choose their own paths. Players can participate in many in-game activities, including espionage, hacking, corporate empire-building, and bounty-hunting. We are also planning for a story which will involve the player discovering more about this world and how it came to be in its current state.

We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign when the game is far enough along to be successful. We're getting close to that point, and you can help us cross the finish line! You will be working on the "game world" portion of the Spycursion client. (There's also a "computer" portion that is much further along.)

Skills you'll need:

Knowledge of OpenGL, or the ability to pick it up quickly due to some related skill

Knowledge of Common Lisp or a Lisp-like language (or ability to pick it up, etc, etc.)

Skills that would be nice to have:

Knowledge of C/C++

Prior experience with game development or connections in the industry

About (defun games ()): We are a tiny indie game studio, based in Seattle (where I live, but you can be remote). Aside from myself -- the founder and lead developer -- we have another client-side dev who has recently stepped back due to family issues, and have had a smattering of freelancers working on non-code things like that blog that needs updated. As you can see, it's a tiny team, which means a lot of equity for you.

PM if interested!