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We are looking for a developer to join our startup, based in Europe, Gdansk. If you are available for more than 8h/week and if you are motivated to work on building a next-gen wearable personal assistant then feel free to leave me a message!

Our stack: C++/C/Swift/Node.js/Kotlin/Python/HTML/CSS/JS

The position is equity only at this point until our Beta and financing will be sorted out.


You’ve started working out recently. You’re eating healthy food and counting your steps. You have an app for measuring your sleep, another one reminding you to drink water. You do all those things to stay healthy. But there’s one important question: How can you be sure all that effort actually makes a difference?

Here at Aidlab, we decided to create a device able to answer that question. While companies manufacture heart rate monitors, smartwatches, smart scales, and plenty of other health-focused devices, our device does something else—it takes a holistic view of your health.

Instead of only counting your steps, recording your heartbeat, or analyzing exercise reps, the device also takes advanced readings of your vital body signals, giving you a detailed report on your body’s condition.

We’ve spent over a year of hard work developing and improving Aidlab to take as accurate measurements as possible. The result of all that work is now available for you to enjoy and keep tabs on your health. We’re giving you an opportunity to put your hands on the Alpha release of our device—an advanced health tracker that connects to your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth Low Energy technology.