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Looking for a technical co-founder, preferably located in Canada, who is interested in the cryptocurrency space. Someone who enjoys working in a cross-functional team environment, has a sense of humor and has great communication & collaboration skills, with both technical and non-technical team members.

We strive to provide the easiest, fastest and most secure way to engage with the digital currency world. Through a simple and effective user experience, we aim to educate and open doors to all who are interested in entering this world

Our focus:

To earn and maintain the trust of our users as a secure digital currency destination.

To offer a delightful experience to our users, giving access to digital currency to everyone.

Our Values:

User Centric
Every role. Every day. We strive to provide value to our users in simple and effective ways.

Ownership & Drive
Our team is comprised of independent, intelligent humans from diverse cultures and career paths. Each person owns the work and takes responsibility for results.

Kindness & Transparency
We are kind and transparent people who seek the same in others. That's how trust is built. No games, no bullshit.

We play well with others. Communicating and collaborating across teams helps our process of continuous learning.