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Zen Amateur is a marketplace to connect business owners or individuals with amateur talent who are looking for their first few opportunities to practice their skills.

Most startups and SMEs are resource crunched and do not have the time, money or personnel to assist with several business activities. Although hiring interns is an option, but it is extremely challenging to hire and manage them making the process time-consuming and unproductive. What if you could hire such talent on-demand to complete your projects without burning a hole in your pocket? That's the problem that we intend to solve. 

Through the platform, we want to make it easy for clients to hire amateur talent who have undergone or are undergoing professional or vocational training such as management graduation, video making, creative writing, software development, photography or video making. Since the amateur talent is looking for some real-world experience, the services available would be extremely affordable starting at free (pay what you want) to a few bucks. On the other hand, amateur talent can get their first few projects and valuable experience using the platform. 

Right now, the website is a simple landing page to gauge and aggregate demand. The co-founder is expected to help build a full-fledged platform.