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Searching for a sales agent to market a successful sleep & wake-up App. 50% profit sharing with no limit.


I am the developer of the Android App "Gentle Wakeup" which has already improved the sleep & wakeup of over 200,000 people. I believe it has the potential to reach rank #1 in the play store.



- It solves a problem many people have

- It is loved by the users with an average rating of 4.4

- Every person needs an alarm

- It is highly optimized to the feedback of the community


And you have the chance to be a part of this successful business :) Any profit you generate will be shared fair on a 50/50 base. There is no limitation of how much you can earn. 


Interested? See all instructions here:


Check out the app here:


You are a native non-english speaker? Perfect! You can market the app in non-english speaking countries as well. 


Happy to work with you.